Our Story

Wild Sol is a game-changing Southwest food brand from the mind of baseball All-Star, Alex Bregman. And he’s our founder in more ways than one. One day, while snacking on some chips and salsa, it was Alex who found the perfect combination of salsa and tequila that changed everything.

Since that day, we’ve shared his appetite for adventure. On the diamond, Alex brings a dynamic and exciting spirit of hustle, all while daring to be a little different than the rest. So we made it our mission to bring his unique flair and flavor to the table — no matter if you’re in the kitchen or cooking up greatness in the backyard for all your adoring fans and family. It’s fitting, too, because Alex’s tasteful wild streak goes all the way back to his days growing up in the heart of New Mexico. He’s known since Day 1 that to make something special, you need to make it with the heritage of home and a little extra spice.

Give it a try, and you’ll see Wild Sol is truly an MVP at the dish. A no-doubter. And we want the whole world to experience it. It’s in a category all its own that we like to call Spirited Salsa. So, take it from Alex: Don’t be afraid to get wild. And never forget the Sol.